Parent Resource

Parent Resource

The Blake School PTO was formed in 2005. It is the successor of the Blake School PTA which at its demise, had been in existence for over 20 years. The transition was made from PTA to PTO because the then PTA board felt that it would better facilitate fundraising and ultimately the expansion of our programs.


The Blake School PTO is a dedicated group with a myriad of talents amongst our members. At the core of it all, we have a heart and spirit that is unsurpassed. The small, intimate size of our student body gives us the freedom to explore any area that we desire, and your contributions of time and energy keep the spirit growing and showing. Children feel great pride and love when their families are involved. Let us be examples for them, so that they can learn how to be active members of their society. Let’s commit ourselves to enriching their experiences, both academic and social.


If you have an idea that is not being explored or implemented, SPEAK UP!!! I promise you we take all suggestions very seriously and are incorporating ideas from our parents, students and faculty.

The Blake School Pto 2019-2020


The Blake School is a unique institution where over the last fifty years, traditional Montessori methods have been combined with the latest educational technology tools to create a hybrid learning environment that prepares your child for the technology-driven future. Additionally, our low student-teacher ratio allows us to know every student at our school and their parents by name….