Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

The Blake School’s Montessori approach to education begins in our appropriately equipped preschool classrooms. The Montessori materials located in these areas invite the child to actively participate in the learning process. This program creates the foundation for a happy, capable and successful student.


The school’s elementary program is more traditional in philosophy and offers an extensive and accelerated program of reading, phonics, math, spelling, handwriting, creative writing, science, social studies and computer skills.


The Blake Middle School program encompasses grades six, seven and eight and strongly promotes social and personal growth. Middle School is departmentalized and offers math, language arts, social studies, science and computer education.

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The Blake School has an extensive music program and students are also instructed in Spanish and Art. It is The Blake School’s goal to cultivate happy, self-confident and knowledgeable individuals with an integrated outline on life.


The Blake School is a unique institution where over the last fifty years, traditional Montessori methods have been combined with the latest educational technology tools to create a hybrid learning environment that prepares your child for the technology-driven future. Additionally, our low student-teacher ratio allows us to know every student at our school and their parents by name….