Music Program

Music Program

The music program is one of the greatest achievements of the Blake School. The program functioned under the direction of Mrs. Wallis Peterson between 1995 and 2017. Entitled the Blake School Vocal Music Program, it is divided into three levels: (1)Jr. Chorus that includes all children in grades 2-5, (2) Youth Chorus that is comprised of all 6-8 graders, and (3) The Blake Singers that consists of a selected group of 4-8 graders. The vocal music program of the Blake Schoolhas received a great deal of recognition and numerous awards, particularly throughout the past decade. Some of these accomplishments include performances as a part of Disney’s Magic Music Days in 2001, 2004 and 2007, and the recording of the National Anthem and a set of original works for the Broward County charter schools at the request of County Line, a local cable program in 2001. In addition, the choral ensembles have participated in and received superior ratings (the highest score possible) at the Florida Vocal Association’s annual Music Performance Assessments (MPAs).

The Blake Percussions and the Blake Recorder Ensemble will be available for all students at all ages and will be working under Mr. Gee’s direction. Regular concert events will be organized for all projects.

It is the philosophy of the Blake School that ALL children, regardless of age, experience, or personal background, can learn to be knowledgeable and competent musicians who appreciate and enjoy participating in a wealthof musical activities, and carry these qualities with them throughout their lives.


The Blake School is a unique institution where over the last fifty years, traditional Montessori methods have been combined with the latest educational technology tools to create a hybrid learning environment that prepares your child for the technology-driven future. Additionally, our low student-teacher ratio allows us to know every student at our school and their parents by name….